Lazy Fall Gardening

I planted most of my fall crops a few weeks ago (beets, carrots, turnips, chard and leeks), but I’ve been putting off sowing the last of the greens. Why? Because it’s hot, and I haven’t felt like doing any digging to prepare the soil for planting.

Then today, it occurred to me that I could plant without doing any additional digging. I’ve generally tried to keep my vegetables in neat, rectangular garden beds, but there’s no particular reason it has to be that way. And because most greens (lettuce, spinach, etc.) don’t take that much growing room, it’s pretty easy to just squeeze them in here and there.

So today I planted a lot of greens on the edges of other garden beds. The spinach is right in next to the turnips, and the lettuce is taking up space where a row of carrots didn’t germinate. With the collard greens it was easy. I planted them in the space shown below, which I originally left open for another row of green beans that I never got around to planting.

It’s not very orderly looking, but I did get in the last of my fall crops with minimal sweating. So, success!


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