Another Look at the Problem

After reading about cabbageworms yesterday, I knew how to find out if I had a problem. (As if it weren’t obvious from all the holes in the plant leaves.) I flipped over the collard leaves to see if there were caterpillars on the undersides. And were there ever.

It looks like we have cross-striped cabbageworms. (Click the link if you want to pick this guy out of a rogues gallery of other cabbage-family pests.) I should probably be picking these off by hand, or applying an organic pest control, but I’m trying to decide if I care that much. Right now they’re eating the things we have a lot of anyway.



2 responses to “Another Look at the Problem

  1. I had those and also little teeny green ones that lay right along the ribs on the collard leaves. They’re hard to see and tend to hold on to the leaves when you wash them, so I started soaking the leaves in cold water for 15 minutes after washing, They come off then and try to swim, then I give them to the town water authority, lol. No extra protein needed!

  2. I actually did pretty much the same thing today, although I soaked the leaves and caterpillars in a bucket of water out in the garden. It makes me want to get chickens. Then I could throw all the bugs and cabbageworms to the birds, and they would take care of them for me.

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