Ugh! Blossom End Rot

I have one Roma tomato plant that’s having problems with blossom end rot. (It’s called that because the rot starts at the blossom end of the fruit– the end farthest from the stem. In the photo below, you can see where the blossom was.) Apparently, this condition happens when the plant isn’t taking up enough calcium, which can be because of a lack of calcium in the soil, or because the plant isn’t getting enough water, especially if there’s been a sudden period of drought. That last problem may very well be the issue in my case, because it’s gotten very hot, and the soil is drying out. So I guess what I need to do is be sure I’m watering all my plants regularly, and watering deeply. I should also probably be reading up on calcium, and figuring out whether I need to add some to my garden soil. Here are links to a couple of extension publications where I found helpful information:



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