A Blank Canvas… And a Cat

About a week ago I decided that I had harvested all the green garlic that I was going to get out of this garden bed, and it was time to clean up this space and plant something else. So: progress! I spent a couple of hours digging and breaking up the soil and then planted soybeans, which hopefully I’ll be able to harvest as edamame later this year.

Then yesterday, I was sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and sipping a cold drink, when I noticed one of the neighborhood cats strolling through the garden. He walked right into the middle of my beautiful newly planted garden bed and started digging. You see where this is going, right? I started shouting at him and waving my arms, trying to shoo him away, but he was completely unfazed. And suddenly, it was too late. To be fair, I guess it’s fertilizer, and he did bury it. So what are we looking at in this photo? I see a garden bed, soon to be the site of some lovely soybean plants. To a cat, it’s obviously a giant litter box.



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