Plant Identification Issues

When you don’t put in a plant yourself, and you don’t recognize it right away, it can take some effort to figure out what it is. I can live with botanical uncertainty for awhile, but at a certain point you just have to know: What IS that? We have a berry bush along one side of your yard that was there when we moved in. What was it? Who knew? But this year we couldn’t take it anymore, and finally broke out the plant guides. We are now reasonably sure that these are currants.



2 responses to “Plant Identification Issues

  1. My first year in Kansas, I planted potatoes for the first time, then carefully weeded everything around what I thought were my potato plants. Turns out, I had chopped off the heads of the potato plants and carefully cultivated six fine weeds. Doh …
    Good to see your blog and also your shining face. :=}

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