A Change Of Perspective On Garlic

So, as I’ve previously mentioned, I was really late planting garlic this year, but I had a bunch of bulbs from last year, so I decided to do it anyway. It’s been growing, but– no surprise– the plants aren’t as big as you might expect for this time of year. I’ve been slowly reaching the conclusion that they’re never going to form bulbs of any real size.

Meanwhile, over in another garden bed, I’ve been watching to see if the leeks and scallions I planted from seed are ever going to come up. In a word: No.

All of which was very disappointing, until I heard someone mention green garlic, and thought — ah ha! I think I might have that! I looked it up, and yes! Immature garlic can absolutely be used as you would green onions or bulb garlic. So, while this didn’t work out quite how I planned it, I do have a lot of delicious green-onion-like plants in my garden, and as an added bonus they pack a very garlicky punch. I started harvesting them this week, and they’ve been terrific.

Here’s a blog that tells how to use green garlic with links to recipes. I found it very helpful.



One response to “A Change Of Perspective On Garlic

  1. Its a shame that your garlic didnt grow the way you wanted to! Theres a couple of things you can do to boost the garlic if you’re a bit late, mostly centered around products like Seasol and Powerfeed, which encourage some good strong bulb growth. You can check out my post on growing garlic over on my blog: http://bit.ly/QGYsuL

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