Tomatoes in the Ground

I put in 10 tomato plants yesterday, and so far they seem reasonably happy. I’ve been very cautious with the tomatoes this year, because last year I had a major transplanting disaster, with most of the plants dying. (Short summary: I think they got overheated.) So yesterday I only planted half of the tomato seedlings, thinking that I would wait a few days before planting the others — just in case something happened.  Which is just as well, because now we’re supposed to get major wind today: possible gusts of up to 30 mph. Hang in there tomato plants!



One response to “Tomatoes in the Ground

  1. Oh I wish you lots of luck on that score. I planted tomatoes out once and they grew big and strong and everything was going really well and then – boom! They got rust, just like that and all the plants had to be ditched!

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