Snap Peas Are Up

Yesterday was the first day I noticed that the pea plants were up. At least, yesterday was the first day that they looked enough like peas that I was sure they weren’t just weeds. These were planted April 13. I was curious if it usually takes this long (two weeks-plus) for peas to sprout, so I looked it up online. Here’s more information from the Cornell University Home Gardening site: Basically, the answer is yes, that’s pretty typical. It takes longer for the seedlings to appear when the soil is cooler, but when the soil is 50 degrees, it takes about 13 days. When the soil is 40 degrees, it can take as long as four or five weeks. Good to know. 




One response to “Snap Peas Are Up

  1. Good to know as I planted snap peas too and was thinking they just didn’t go? I am going to look in the garden for seedlings that look like yours to see if maybe it isn’t a lost cause after all? It has been quite cold here! Thanks!!

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