December Harvest

The garden is done for the year, right? Close, but not quite. We’ve already had a hard freeze that killed all the warm season crops (tomatoes, beans, peppers, etc.) but we are still harvesting a few hardy greens and root crops. Below: Collards, daikon radishes, and kale.






A Little Bit of Strawberry Popcorn

I grew strawberry popcorn this year, and it’s been interesting. The kernels are a beautiful shade of red, but the ears are very small, and I didn’t get a big harvest. I picked a about a dozen ears, and several of them were close in size to an actual strawberry. This ear is one of the largest I harvested, and I’d say it’s about the size of two strawberries. So… it may just be me and my garden, corn-growing methods, etc., but I think I will try a different type of popcorn next year and hope for a larger harvest.

Strawberry Popcorn 4

Inside the Pumpkin

My husband decided to grow pumpkins this year, so this is really his project. The Jack-o-Lantern below is carved from a Kakai squash, a variety with hull-less seeds that are especially good for roasting. Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin 2.jpg

Pumpkin 3.jpg

Pumpkin 1.jpg

Self Seeding Plants

The garlic chives I’ve been enjoying so much this year are starting to go to seed. I’d like to have more in other spots in our years, since the pollinators seem to love them, so I took these seed heads and scattered them in other spots in the yard where I’d like to see chives. We’ll see how well it works next year!

068 (2).JPG

One similar experiment with self seeding is the amaranth, growing below.  I grew some last year, and didn’t get around to planting again this year, but I had a few volunteers where the seeds had dropped last year. This year, I approached it more deliberately. I took the mature seed heads and dropped them in a spot in the yard where I hope amaranth will grow next year. It got a head start on me though. Some of those seeds sprouted immediately, and here they are. So this is a second amaranth “planting” for this year.

015 (2).JPG

Name Those Plants

OK, this is really just an excuse to post a few more bee photos, but see if you can identify the plants in each of the bee photos. I’ll post the answers in the comments.

015 Bee.jpg

164 Bee

Bees 3.jpg

Everybody Loves Garlic Chives

The garlic chives are abuzz right now, with bees, butterflies, and other small nectar-loving creatures. The butterflies are painted ladies, and are passing through this area right now.


184 (1)


Three Little Pigs Raised Beds

My husband decided to put in some raised beds in one part of our yard, and built me a really nice raised bed for strawberries out of some cheap bricks he picked up at the Restore. Then my sister got in touch and said they were getting rid of some landscaping wood, and would we like it? Well, of course we did. And after that, my husband decided to complete the trio, with a raised bed made of straw bales. (Well, hay, but close enough.) So here we have my fairytale garden beds… 🙂